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This section contains 400 of the most used phrases in Korean. This should help you improve your speaking, reading and writing. Exploring the whole list will make it easier to start conversations and understand what was said to you. I divided this section into 4 pages, the first 100 are listed on this page, then the rest here: phrases 2, phrases 3, phrases 4. Each page contains 100 common expressions. Going through each page should take about 30 min. Make sure to read the pronunciation and hear the audio as well. If you have any question about this course, please email me directly at Korean Classes.

Phrases Tips

To make sure you are more likely to remember each expression, try to first to read the sentence without hearing it, then click to hear how it is prnounced, then read it out loud 3 times while imagining yourself vividly talking to somone. Also try to practice what you memorized from time to time, to make it stick.

Here are the first 100 common phrases. You will find a lot of them are about greeting someone, introducing yourself or asking where someone is from ... etc. Basically, these are expressions which you might use when starting a conversation with someone you have just met.

Phrases in Korean

Phrases Korean Audio
How are you? (informal)어떻게 지내세요?
eotteohge jinaeseyo?
How are you? (formal)어떻게 지내?
eotteohge jinae?
What's up? (colloquial) 무슨 일 있니?
museun il issni?
I'm fine, thank you!난 잘 지내요, 고마워요!
nan jal jinaeyo, gomawoyo!
Good morning!좋은 아침입니다!
joh-eun achim-ibnida!
Good afternoon!좋은 오후입니다!
joh-eun ohu-ibnida!
Good evening!좋은 저녁입니다!
joh-eun jeonyeog-ibnida!
And you? (informal)당신은요?
And you? (formal)너는?
We speak two languages우리는 두 개의 언어들로 말해요
ulineun du gaeui eon-eodeullo malhaeyo
They speak four languages그들은 사개국어로 말해요
geudeul-eun sagaegug-eolo malhaeyo
I visited one country저는 한 나라를 방문했어요
jeoneun han nalaleul bangmunhaess-eoyo
She visited three countries그녀는 세 나라들을 방문했어요
geunyeoneun se naladeul-eul bangmunhaess-eoyo
She has one sister그녀는 한 명의 여동생이 있어요
geunyeoneun han myeong-ui yeodongsaeng-i iss-eoyo
He has two sisters그는 두 명의 여동생이 있어요
geuneun du myeong-ui yeodongsaeng-i iss-eoyo
Do you like it here?여기 마음에 들어요?
yeogi ma-eum-e deul-eoyo?
See you later!나중에 봐!
najung-e bwa!
Thank you very much!정말 고마워!
jeongmal gomawo!
I really like it!정말 마음에 들어요!
jeongmal ma-eum-e deul-eoyo!
Thank you!고마워!
You're welcome! (in response to "thank you")천만에!
Have a nice day!좋은 하루 보내!
joh-eun halu bonae!
Good night!잘 자!
jal ja!
Have a good trip!즐거운 여행 되세요!
jeulgeoun yeohaeng doeseyo!
It was nice talking to you!대화 즐거웠어요!
daehwa jeulgeowoss-eoyo!
Am I right or wrong?제가 맞나요 틀렸나요?
jega majnayo teullyeossnayo?
Is he younger or older than you?그가 당신보다 나이가 적은가요 많은가요?
geuga dangsinboda naiga jeog-eungayo manh-eungayo?
Is the test easy or difficult?시험이 쉬워요 어려워요?
siheom-i swiwoyo eolyeowoyo?
Is this book new or old?이 책 새거예요 헌거예요?
i chaeg saegeoyeyo heongeoyeyo?
This is so expensive이것은 너무 비싸요
igeos-eun neomu bissayo

More Sentences

English Korean Audio
I don't speak Korean저는 한국어를 못해요
jeoneun hangug-eoleul moshaeyo
I love the Japanese language저는 일본어를 좋아해요
jeoneun ilbon-eoleul joh-ahaeyo
I speak Italian저는 이탈리아어를 해요
jeoneun itallia-eoleul haeyo
I want to learn Spanish저는 스페인어를 배우고 싶어요
jeoneun seupein-eoleul baeugo sip-eoyo
My mother tongue is German저의 모국어는 독일어예요
jeoui mogug-eoneun dog-il-eoyeyo
Spanish is easy to learn스페인어는 배우기 쉬워요
seupein-eoneun baeugi swiwoyo
He has a Moroccan rug그는 모로코산 러그를 좋아해요
geuneun molokosan leogeuleul joh-ahaeyo
I have an American car저는 미국 자동차를 가지고 있어요
jeoneun migug jadongchaleul gajigo iss-eoyo
I love French cheese저는 프랑스 치즈를 좋아해요
jeoneun peulangseu chijeuleul joh-ahaeyo
I'm Italian저는 이탈리아인이에요
jeoneun italliain-ieyo
My father is Greek저의 아버지는 그리스인이에요
jeoui abeojineun geuliseu-in-ieyo
My wife is Korean제 아내는 한국인이에요
je anaeneun hangug-in-ieyo
Have you ever been to India?인도에 간 적 있어요?
indo-e gan jeog iss-eoyo?
I came from Spain저는 스페인에서 왔어요
jeoneun seupein-eseo wass-eoyo
I live in America저는 미국에 살고 있어요
jeoneun migug-e salgo iss-eoyo
I want to go to Germany저는 독일에 가고 싶어요
jeoneun dog-il-e gago sip-eoyo
I was born in Italy저는 이탈리아에서 태어났어요
jeoneun itallia-eseo taeeonass-eoyo
Japan is a beautiful country일본은 아름다운 나라에요
ilbon-eun aleumdaun nala-eyo
Long time no see오랜만이에요
I missed you보고싶었어요
What's new?무슨 일 있어요?
museun il iss-eoyo?
Nothing new아무 일 없어요
amu il eobs-eoyo
Make yourself at home!편하게 있어요
pyeonhage iss-eoyo
Have a good trip좋은 여행 되세요
joh-eun yeohaeng doeseyo
Can I practice Italian with you?당신과 이탈리아어를 연습할 수 있을까요?
dangsingwa itallia-eoleul yeonseubhal su iss-eulkkayo?
I speak French but with an accent저는 프랑스어를 말하지만 악센트가 있어요
jeoneun peulangseueoleul malhajiman agsenteuga iss-eoyo
I was born in Miami저는 마이애미에서 태어났어요
jeoneun maiaemieseo taeeonass-eoyo
I'm from Japan저는 일본에서 왔어요
jeoneun ilbon-eseo wass-eoyo
The letter is inside the book그 편지는 책 안에 있어요
geu pyeonjineun chaeg an-e iss-eoyo
The pen is under the desk그 펜은 책상 밑에 있어요
geu pen-eun chaegsang mit-e iss-eoyo
Can I help you?도와드릴까요?
Can you help me?도와주시겠어요?
Can you show me?보여주실래요?
Come with me!저를 따라오세요!
jeoleul ttalaoseyo!
Downtown (city center)시내
Excuse me! (to ask someone)실례합니다/저기요!
Go straight똑바로 가!
ttogbalo ga!
How can I get to the museum? 박물관까지 어떻게 가나요?
bagmulgwankkaji eotteohge ganayo?
How long does it take to get there?거기까지 얼마나 걸려요?
geogikkaji eolmana geollyeoyo?
I'm lost저는 길을 잃었어요
jeoneun gil-eul ilh-eoss-eoyo
I'm not from here저는 여기 안 살아요
jeoneun yeogi an sal-ayo
It's far from here여기서 멀어요
yeogiseo meol-eoyo
It's near here여기 주변에 있어요
yeogi jubyeon-e iss-eoyo
One moment please!잠시만요!
Turn left왼쪽으로 돌아!
oenjjog-eulo dol-a!
Turn right오른쪽으로 돌아!
oleunjjog-eulo dol-a!


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