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Spanish Lesson 15 (Future Tense & Weather)

Duration: 30 mins

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This 15th lesson deals with the future tense in Spanish. In addition I included a vocabulary list about weather expressions. I will try to give examples using both vocabulary and grammar. That way it will be easy for you to see the words when they are separate and when they are in a sentence. Going through the whole page should take about 30 min. Make sure to read the pronunciation and hear the audio as well. If you have any question about this course, please email me directly at Spanish Classes.


The future is one of the 3 tenses (present, past, and future) we will be discussing in the next 3 lessons. So it is recommended not to skip any of them because they are all related.

Grammar Rule

The future tense in Spanish is very easy to conjugate. Just like in English, the future tense in Spanish is used to describe events happening at in the future: ella estudiará con nosotros. (She will study with us).

To be able to conjugate a verb properly in Spanish, you need simply need to:

  1. Use the infinitive of a given verb (hablar, comer, vivir) + (é,ás,á,emos,án)
  2. If the verb is irregular, then use the modified infinitive + (é,ás,á,emos,án)
  3. Another simple method is to add the ir + a + infinitive of verb. Example: voy a estudiar (I will study)

Here are examples of the 3 methods:

Future of Regular Verbs [Infinitive + (é,ás,á,emos,án)]

  1. Pensar (to think): yo pensaré, tu pensarás, el/ella pensará, nosotros pensaremos, ellos/ellas/Uds pensarán
  2. Comer (to eat): yo comeré, tu comerás, el/ella comerá, nosotros comeremos, ellos/ellas/Uds comerán
  3. Vivir (to live): yo viviré, tu vivirás, el/ella vivirá, nosotros viviremos, ellos/ellas/Uds vivirán

Future of Irregular Verbs [modified infinitive + (é,ás,á,emos,án)]

  • Encontrar (to find): yo encontré, tu encontrás, el/ella encontrá, nosotros encontremos, ellos/ellas/Uds encontrán
  • Saber (to know): yo sabré, tu sabrás, el/ella sabrá, nosotros sabremos, ellos/ellas/Uds sabrán
  • Decir (to say): yo diré, tu dirás, el/ella dirá, nosotros diremos, ellos/ellas/Uds dirán

Future with [ir + a + infinitive of verb]

  • Pensar (to think): voy a pensar, vas a pensar, va a pensar, vamos a pensar, van a pensar
  • Comer (to eat): voy a comer, vas a comer, va a comer, vamos a comer, van a comer
  • Decir (to say): voy a decir, vas a decir, va a decir, vamos a decir, van a decir


  1. If a verb is regular and ending in (~ar, ~er, ~ir) use the following: infinitive + é,ás,á,emos,án
  2. Usually, if a verb is iregular use the following: irregular verb stem + é,ás.á,emos,án

Below is a list of 15 sentences conjugated into the future tense. I focused on the examples you might come across or use very often. The table contains 3 columns (English, Spanish, and Audio). Make sure you repeat each word after hearing it by either clicking on the audio button or by reading the pronunciation. That should help with memorization as well as improving your pronunciation.

Future Tense in Spanish

Future Spanish Audio
I will see youTe veré
I will write with a penEscribiré con pluma
You will love applesTe gustarán las manzanas
You will give moneyDarás dinero
You will play tennisJugarás tenis
He will read a bookÉl leerá un libro
He will understand meÉl me entenderá
She will have a catElla tendrá in gato
She will know youElla te conocerá
We will want to see youQuerremos verte
We will think about youPensaremos en tí
You (plural) will work hereTrabajarás aquí
You (plural) will speak FrenchHablarás francés
They will drive a carManejarán un coche
They will smileSonreirán


If you have any questions, please contact me If you simply want to ask a question, please Spanish contact form on the header above.

Weather Expressions

Below is a list of 26 words related to weather expressions. Knowing these terms can enable you discuss weather conditions with friends.

Weather Expressions in Spanish

Weather Spanish Audio
FoggyNebuloso / Hay neblina


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Daily Conversation in Spanish

Finally, here are some common sentences to strengthen your conversation skills. For a complete list of commonly used sentences, please visit our Spanish Phrases page. Enjoy!

Common Expressions in Spanish

English Spanish Audio
It is rainingestá lloviendo
It is sunnyestá soleado
It is windyhace viento--
Today is nice weatherhoy el clima está agradable
Yesterday was bad weatherayer estuvo feo el clima
It's freezingme estoy congelando
It's coldhace frío
It's hothace calor
So somás o menos

Fun Facts

Language Quote: ❝Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.❞ ‒Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Congratulations! You finished your 15th lesson in Spanish about the future tense, and weather expressions. Are you ready for the next lesson? We recommend Spanish Lesson 16. You can also simply click on one of the links below or go back to our Learn Spanish homepage.

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