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This section contains 400 of the most used phrases in Welsh. This should help you improve your speaking, reading and writing. Exploring the whole list will make it easier to start conversations and understand what was said to you. I divided this section into 4 pages, the first 100 are listed on this page, then the rest here: phrases 2, phrases 3, phrases 4. Each page contains 100 common expressions. Going through each page should take about 30 min. Make sure to read the pronunciation and hear the audio as well. If you have any question about this course, please email me directly at Welsh Classes.

Phrases Tips

To make sure you are more likely to remember each expression, try to first to read the sentence without hearing it, then click to hear how it is prnounced, then read it out loud 3 times while imagining yourself vividly talking to somone. Also try to practice what you memorized from time to time, to make it stick.

Here are the first 100 common phrases. You will find a lot of them are about greeting someone, introducing yourself or asking where someone is from ... etc. Basically, these are expressions which you might use when starting a conversation with someone you have just met.

Phrases in Welsh

Phrases Welsh
How are you? (informal)Sut ydych chi?
How are you? (formal)Sut wyt ti?
What's up? (colloquial) Beth sy'n digwydd?
I'm fine, thank you!Rydw i'n iawn, diolch!
Good morning!Bore da!
Good afternoon!Prynhawn da!
Good evening!Noswaith dda!
And you? (informal)Beth amdanoch chi?
And you? (formal)Beth amdanat ti?
We speak two languagesRydym ni'n siarad dwy iaith
They speak four languagesRydyn nhw'n siarad pedair iaith
I visited one countryYmwelais i â un gwlad
She visited three countriesYmwelodd hi â thair gwlad
She has one sisterMae ganddi un chwaer
He has two sistersMae ganddo dwy chwaer
Do you like it here?Ydych chi'n ei hoffi yma?
See you later!Wela i di (wedyn)!
Thank you very much!Diolch yn fawr iawn!
I really like it!Rwy'n ei hoffi yn fawr iawn!
Thank you!Diolch!
You're welcome! (in response to "thank you")Croeso!
Have a nice day!Da bo'!
Good night!Nos da!
Have a good trip!Cewch siwrnai da!
It was nice talking to you!Roedd e'n neis i siarad â ti/ chi!
Am I right or wrong?Ydw i'n gywir neu'n anghywir?
Is he younger or older than you?Ydy e'n ifancach neu'n hench na ti?
Is the test easy or difficult?Ydy'r prawf yn rhwydd neu'n anodd?
Is this book new or old?Ydy'r llyfr yma yn newydd neu'n hen?
This is so expensiveMae hwn yn rhy brud

More Sentences

English Welsh
I don't speak KoreanNid wy'n siarad Corëeg
I love the Japanese languageRwy'n dwli ar Siapaneeg
I speak ItalianRwy'n siarad Eidaleg
I want to learn SpanishRwyf eisiau dysgu Sbaeneg
My mother tongue is GermanFy mamiaeth yw Almaeneg
Spanish is easy to learnMae Sbaeneg yn rhwydd i'w ddysgu
He has a Moroccan rugMae gen i garped Morocaidd
I have an American carMae gen i gar Americanaidd
I love French cheeseRwy'n dwli ar gaws Ffrengig
I'm ItalianRwy'n Eidalaidd
My father is GreekMae fy nhad yn Groegaidd
My wife is KoreanMae fy ngwraig yn Goreaidd
Have you ever been to India?Wyt ti/ Ydych chi byth wedi bod i India?
I came from SpainRwy'n dod o Sbaen
I live in AmericaRwy'n byw yn America
I want to go to GermanyRwyf eisiau mynd i'r Almaen
I was born in ItalyCes (i) fy ngeni yn yr Eidal
Japan is a beautiful countryMae Siapan yn wlad brydferth
Long time no seeDydw i heb dy weld di ers oesoedd!
I missed youRwy'n dy golli di/ Rwy'n hiraethu amdanat ti
What's new?Beth wyt ti wedi bod yn gwneud?
Nothing newDim llawer
Make yourself at home!Gwnewch eich hun yn gartrefol!
Have a good tripMwynhewch y daith!
Can I practice Italian with you?Galla i ymarfer Eidaleg gyda chi?
I speak French but with an accentRwy'n siarad Ffrangeg on mae gen i acen
I was born in MiamiCes i fy ngeni ym Miami
I'm from JapanRwy'n dod o Siapan
The letter is inside the bookMae'r llythyr y tu mewn i'r llyfr
The pen is under the deskMae'r ysgrifbin o dan y ddesg
Can I help you?Galla i eich helpu chi?
Can you help me?Gallwch chi fy helpu i?
Can you show me?Allwch chi ddangos i mi?
Come with me!Dewch gyda fi!
Downtown (city center)canol y dref/ ddinas
Excuse me! (to ask someone)Esgusodwch fi!
Go straightEwch syth ymlaen
How can I get to the museum? Beth yw'r ffordd orau i'r amgueddfa?
How long does it take to get there?Faint (o amser) mae'n cymryd i fynd yna?
I'm lostRwyf ar goll
I'm not from hereNid wy'n dod o fan hyn yn wreiddiol
It's far from hereMae'n bell o fan hyn
It's near hereMae'n agos i fan hyn
One moment please!Un munud os gwelwch yn dda!
Turn leftTrowch i'r chwith
Turn rightTrowch i'r dde


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