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Hebrew Lesson 13 (Present Tense & Survival)

Duration: 30 mins

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This 13th lesson deals with the present tense in Hebrew. In addition I included a vocabulary list about survival and emergencies. I will try to give examples using both vocabulary and grammar. That way it will be easy for you to see the words when they are separate and when they are in a sentence. Going through the whole page should take about 30 min. Make sure to read the pronunciation and hear the audio as well. If you have any question about this course, please email me directly at Hebrew Classes.


The present is one of the 3 tenses (past, present, and future) we will be discussing in the next 3 lessons. So it is recommended not to skip any of them because they are all related.

Below is a list of 15 sentences conjugated into the present tense. I focused on the examples you might come across or use very often. The table contains 3 columns (English, Hebrew, and Audio). Make sure you repeat each word after hearing it by either clicking on the audio button or by reading the pronunciation. That should help with memorization as well as improving your pronunciation.

Present Tense in Hebrew

Present Hebrew
I see youאני רואה אותך [Ani ro'eh / ro'ah otkha]
I write with a penאני כותב-ת עם עט [Ani kotev / et im et]
You love applesאתה-את אוהב-ת תפוחים [Ata / at ohev / et tapukhim]
You give moneyאתה-את נותן-נותנת כסף [Ata / at noten / et kesef]
You play tennisאתה-את משחק-ת טניס [Ata / at mesakhek / et tenis]
He reads a bookהוא קורא ספר [Hu kore sefer]
He understands meהוא מבין אותי [Hu mevin oti]
She has a catיש לה חתול [Yesh la khatul]
She knows my friendהיא מכירה את חבר שלי [Hi mekirah et ha-khaver sheli]
We want to learnאנחנו רוצים ללמוד [Anakhnu rotzim lilmod]
We think Spanish is easyאנחנו חושבים שספרדית קלה [Anakhnu khoshvim she-sfaradit kalah]
You (plural) work hereאתם-ן עובדים-עובדות כאן [Atem / aten ovdim / ovdot can]
You (plural) speak Frenchאתם-ן מדברים-מדברות צרפתית [Atem / aten medabrim / medabrot tzarfatit]
They drive a carהם-הן נוהגים-נוהגות ברכב [Hem / hen nohag'im / nohagot ba-rekhev]
They smileהם-הן מחייכים-מחייכות [Hem mekhaiekhim / he mekhaiekhot]


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Survival Expressions

Below is a list of 28 words related to survival expressions such as emergencies, and calling for help. If you can memorize them by heart, you will be able to communicate better when in distress or when providing help to someone else who is in need.

Survival Expressions in Hebrew

Accidentתאונה [Te'una]
Allergyאלרגיה [Alerg'ia]
Ambulanceאמבולנס [Ambulans]
Asthmaאסתמה / קצרת [Astma, katzeret]
Dangerסכנה [Sakana]
Doctorרופא [Rofe]
Headacheכאב ראש [Ke'ev rosh]
Heart attackהתקף לב [Hetkef lev]
Help meעזרו לי [Azru li]
Hospitalבית חולים [Beit kholim]
Medicinesתרופות [Trufot]
Pharmacyבית מרקחת [Beit mirkahat]
Poisonרעל [Ra'al]
Policeמשטרה [Mishtara]
Stomach acheכאבי בטן [Ke'evei beten]
Strokeאירוע מוחי / שבץ מוחי [Iru'a mokhi / Shavatz mokhi]


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Daily Conversation in Hebrew

Finally, here are some common sentences to strengthen your conversation skills. For a complete list of commonly used sentences, please visit our Hebrew Phrases page. Enjoy!

Common Expressions in Hebrew

Are you okay?אתה בסדר? [Ata beseder?]
Call a doctor!הזמן / הזמיני רופא [Hizmin / hizmini rofe]
Call the ambulance!תזמין אמבולנס [Tazmin ambulans]
Call the police!תתקשר למשטרה [Titkasher le-mishtara]
Calm down!הרגע / הירגעי [Herag'ea' / Hirg'i'i]
Fire!אש / שריפה [Esh / srifah]
I feel sickיש לי בחילה [Yesh li bkhila]
It hurts hereכואב כאן [Ko'ev can]
It's urgent!זה דחוף [Ze dakhuf]
Stop!תפסיק / י [Tafsik / i!]
Thief!גנב [Ganav]
Where is the closest pharmacy?איפה בית המרקחת הקרוב ביותר? [Eifo beit ha-mirkakhat ha-karov beioter]
You look beautiful! (to a woman)את ניראת יפה [At niret yafa!]
You have a beautiful nameיש לך שם יפה [Yesh lakh shem yafe]
This is my wifeזאת אשתי [Zot ishti]
This is my husbandזה בעלי [Ze ba'ali]

Fun Facts

Language Quote: ❝To have another language is to possess a second soul.❞ ‒Charlemagne

Congratulations! You finished your 13th lesson in Hebrew about the present tense, and survival expressions. Are you ready for the next lesson? We recommend Hebrew Lesson 14. You can also simply click on one of the links below or go back to our Learn Hebrew homepage.

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