Gaelic Lesson 3 (Plural and Languages)

Duration: 30 mins

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The 3rd lesson is about the plural in Gaelic and how to create it from the singular form. In addition, I will include a list of vocabulary about languages, nationalities, and countries. Finally, you will find some common everyday sentences. I will try to give examples using both vocabulary and grammar. That way it will be easy for you to see the words when they are separate and when they are in a sentence. Going through the whole page should take about 30 min. Make sure to read the pronunciation and hear the audio as well. If you have any question about this course, please email me directly at Gaelic Classes.


Knowing how to create the plural from the singular word can double the vocabulary you already know. It can make it easy to have a conversation about different topics by simply knowing some grammatical rules. For example how to change the word "book" to "books" or "woman" to "women".

Below is a list of singular words and their plural equivalent. I included examples about nature as well as about humans. The table contains 3 columns (English, Gaelic, and Audio). Make sure you repeat each word after hearing it by either clicking on the audio button or by reading the pronunciation. That should help with memorization as well as improving your pronunciation.

Singular vs. Plural in Gaelic

English Gaelic

Now we will try to implement some of the words above into full Gaelic sentences. That way you will be able to see how both forms are used when embedded in a structure.

Singular vs. Plural in a Sentence

English Gaelic
We speak two languagesTha dà chànan againn.
They speak four languagesTha ceithir cànain aca.
I visited one countryChuir mi turas do dùthaich.
She visited three countriesChuir i turas do trì dùthchannan.
She has one sisterTha piuthar aice.
He has two sistersTha dà phiuthar aige.


If you have any questions, please contact me using the Gaelic contact form on the header above.

Vocabulary List about Languages, Nationalities, and Countries

Below is a list of 50 words related to languages, nationalities, and countries. If you can memorize them by heart, you will be able to have a good conversation about how many languages you speak or where you came from.

Languages Nationalities and Countries List in Gaelic

English Gaelic
Arabic (language)Arabais
Moroccan (nationality)Moroccan
Morocco (country)Moroco
Brazilian (language)Braisileach
Brazilian (nationality)Braisileach
Brazil (country)Braiseal
Chinese (language)Sìneach
Chinese (nationality)Sìneach
China (country)an t-Sìn
English (language)Gaelic
British (nationality)Breatannach
Britain (country)Breatann
American (nationality)Aimeireaganach
America (country)Aimeireaga
French (language)Fraingis
French (nationality)Frangach
France (country)an Fhraing
German (language)Gearmailtis
German (nationality)Gearmailteach
Germany (country)a' Ghearmailt
Greek (language)Greugais
Greek (nationality)Greugach
Greece (country)a' Ghreug
Hindi (language)Hindis
Indian (nationality)Innseanach
India (country)na h-Innseanan
Irish (language)Gaeilge
Irish (nationality)Èireannach
Ireland (country)Èireann
Italian (language)Eadailtis
Italian (nationality)Eadailteach
Italy (country)an Eadailt
Japanese (language)Seapanach
Japanese (nationality)Seapanach
Japan (country)Seapan
Korean (language)Coirèanais
Korean (nationality)Còireanach
Korea (country)Còirea
Persian (language)Peirsis
Iranian (nationality)Iorànach
Iran (country)Ioràn
Portuguese (language)Portagailis
Portuguese (nationality)Portagaileach
Portugal (country)Portagail
Russian (language)Ruisis
Russian (nationality)Ruiseach
Russia (country)an Ruis
Spanish (language)Spàinntis
Spanish (nationality)Spàinnteach
Spain (country)an Spàinnt


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Daily Conversation in Gaelic

Finally, a list of sentences about languages, nationalities, and countries plus some bonus phrases. For a complete list of commonly used sentences, please visit our Gaelic Phrases page. Enjoy!

Common Expressions in Gaelic

English Gaelic
I don't speak KoreanChan eil Còireanais agam.
I love the Japanese language'S toil leam Seapanais.
I speak ItalianTha Eadailtis agam.
I want to learn SpanishTha mi ag iarraidh Spàinntis ionnsachadh.
My mother tongue is German'S e Gearmailtis a th' ann an cànan mo mhàthar.
Spanish is easy to learnTha Spàinntis furasta ri ionnsachadh.
He has a Moroccan rugTha ruga Moroccanach aige.
I have an American carTha càr Aimeireaganach agam.
I love French cheese'S toil leam càise Frangach.
I'm ItalianTha mi às an Eadailt.
My father is GreekTha m' athair às a' Ghreig.
My wife is KoreanTha a' bhean agam à Chòirea
Have you ever been to India?An robh thu riamh anns na h-Innseanan?
I came from SpainTha mi às an Spàinnt.
I live in AmericaTha mi a' fuireachd ann an Aimeireaga.
I want to go to GermanyTha mi ag iarradh dol dhan Ghearmailt.
I was born in ItalyRugadh mi anns an Eadailt.
Japan is a beautiful country'S e dùthaich àlainn a th' ann an Seapan.
Long time no see'S fhada bhon uairsin
I missed youBha mi gad ionndrainn.
What's new?Dè tha ùr?
Nothing newChan eil càil ùr.
Make yourself at home!Bi fridiombach.
Have a good tripTuras math agad.

Fun Facts

Language Quote that by simply knowing how to form the plural, you can double the number of nouns in your vocabulary, without having to memorize all the plural form.

Congratulations! You finished your third lesson in Gaelic about singular, plural, languages, nationalities, and countries. Are you ready for the next lesson? We recommend Gaelic Lesson 4. You can also simply click on one of the links below or go back to our Learn Gaelic homepage.

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