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Gujarati Classes (Free Lessons)

Next Class: 1/15/2018

Gujarati Classes
Name: Sofia Amador
Language: Gujarati
Lessons: I teach vocabulary, phrases and grammar
Next Class: 1/15/2018

My name is Sofia Amador. Gujarati is a language I can speak very well and I have been teaching it for many years to people of different backgrounds and ages. I use skype to provide my classes. If you're interested in joining us for classes, simply fill out the Gujarati Classes form and let me know your skype account and I will add you to my skype group. I provide 6 classes per month for free. Sometimes I may offer more based on my availability and students' demand. Since students do not have the same level, I usually keep students who have a certain level together. For example if your level in Gujarati is Basic, you will attend classes with students of the same level. Same goes with students of Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Here are the steps to register for a class:

Registration for Free Gujarati Classes

  • Fill out the Gujarati Classes form
  • Don't forget to include your skype account and your level in Gujarati
  • I will email you back and inform you that you have been added
  • I will also inform you of the next classes date and time and some tips about our classes
  • I will provide you with 6 classes per month based on your level (basic, intermediate, and advanced).
  • 6 classes per month for Basic level students.
  • 6 classes per month for Intermediate level students.
  • 6 classes per month for Advanced level students.

Please familiarize yourself with our lessons provided here: Gujarati Lessons. That will give you a good base before we start our classes.


If you have any questions, please contact me using the Gujarati contact form on the header above.